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Take Nothing With You

Many of us are waiting on the Lord in this crucible season. We are interceding, repenting, and seeking the Lord for His heart for this moment and for what is to come. Last week, as I went before the Lord, I saw a picture of myself taking off all the pieces of my armour and battle gear. I took off my sword and shield -even my garments- and in a posture of surrender, I laid them at His feet, before His throne. As I pondered this, I heard Him say “Take nothing with you.”

Luke 9:1-3:

“Jesus summoned together the apostles and imparted to them authority…He commissioned them to preach God’s Kingdom realm…to heal the sick…and to demonstrate that the Kingdom had arrived. As He sent them out, He gave them these instructions: 

‘Take nothing extra on the journey.’

It goes on to list what they were not to take: no staff, backpack, food, money or change of clothes. In the footnote for verse 3, the translator writes,

“Why did Jesus tell them to go empty-handed? To trust and walk in faith. But also because they already had the five items they were told not to bring, as their spiritual counterparts are found in Him.”

I believe Jesus told them not to take with them anything they possessed out of their own abilities in order that they might completely depend on Him for what they needed in each moment, and so that nothing accomplished for the kingdom would/could be attributed to man’s effort or ability.

As we transition into this next season, I don’t believe we discard revelation or wisdom He has previously imparted. What I do believe is that we need to go forth humbly, empty-handed, submissive, surrendered- expecting Him to move but not assuming we know how. We lay down our personal preferences, ideas, experiences, traditions, systems, and methods with which we’ve been comfortable with Him moving.

We need to be prepared for Him to move and respond to our prayers and intercession in ways we haven’t yet personally experienced. We need to position ourselves in agreement, at this time, so as not to be offended, confused, or stalled and delayed. When we go forth as empty vessels -new, empty wineskins- we become a place for Him to infill, and then to pour forth from. For Him to become greater, we must become less. May it be so, Lord.

Father, we love You, we honour You, we exalt You as the Highest, the Greatest, and the Lord of All. We lay all our good things down before Your throne. You alone are Worthy. You are Mighty. You are the Excellent Leader. We trust Your leadership! Thank You for all You’ve given us of Yourself up to this point. We take with us the wisdom, revelation and intimacy, and we trust You to provide the direction, the means, the provision, and everything else You know we need as we move with You into this new season. Have Your way! Be honoured in all of Ireland, in Europe, and all the earth, in Jesus’ name. Amen

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