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Fancy Getting Back to Work?

My sons, do not neglect your duties any longer! The Lord has chosen you to stand in His presence, to minister to Him, and to lead the people in worship and present offerings to Him.  2 Chronicles 29:11

Friends, it is time for the sons and daughters of God to awaken from their idolatry, from their complacency, from their lethargy, and to purify themselves and fulfil the purpose for which they were created! We need to get to work. If we really and truly want godly reform in our society, right across this island, then we personally have got a responsibility to assess the lay of the land in our own hearts first and act.

I love this passage in 2 Chronicles 29 because the events took place suddenly when the people of God worked together! Unity in the body always brings such blessings and in this passage it started with one man, King Hezekiah, who sought the Lord and chose to open the doors of the temple which were shut up.

Then the priests and Levites were gathered to listen to the straight talking Hezekiah and as a result they got to work right away. First, purifying themselves and then secondly, purifying the temple. With grit and determination they completed the cleansing work in 16 days and by following the Words of the Lord, the temple worship was restored! The service of the house of the Lord was set in order.

Today, may I encourage you, to open your heart to the King of Glory. Give Him access into ALL rooms within your heart. Allow Him to reveal to you what needs to be removed. Don’t be afraid of El Shaddai, He’s such a gentle, loving God. Get right with God today through the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Use this time of lockdown to be cleansed from all defilement.

Imagine what could happen if the people of God across this island united with this mindset of individual purification. The collective Church would be mightily transformed too. The idols in the Church would be carted out and the things to remain would be cleansed and made holy. Imagine the sound of worship arising to the Father’s ears, worshipping Him in spirit and in truth. Imagine the rejoicing we would have!

Friends, we must not neglect our duties but rather we must get to work right away and pave the way for true worship to be restored and the sound of Heaven to be made manifest on Earth. We must pray our vision for the Church into being. So who fancies getting back to work?

Dear Lord, purify our hearts, cleanse us from within and make us holy. Cleanse us from sin deep within us as we open all doors to the King of Glory. Lord, reveal to us individually and collectively what must be removed to restore true worship in our hearts and across the wider Church. In the Lord Jesus Christ’s name. Amen

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